Dares to do over snapchat

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When you think of that old Truth or Dare game, what comes to mind? While maybe shame-inducing, it is definitely fun, and not just for that awkward pre-teen phase anymore! In the age of social distancing, we need to ignite a little spark in our lives, so why not bring this game back from the dead to play over text? The rules are simple and can be played one-on-one, or with your entire friend group. The person chooses, and you ask them, or dare them, anything your heart desires! If they fail to answer or complete the dare, they have to take on a challenge — maybe fifty push-ups, or be deleted from the group chat!

Stuck on what to ask? Here are some fun, challenging, and all-out mouth-dropping truths and dares to text to your friends during your next group chat! Have you ever peed yourself as an adult or teenager? Tell me about a time you fake-cried, or only pretended to be regretful in order to get out of trouble. Text your crush and ask them out on a date. Close your eyes and reach into your fridge or food pantry — the first thing you touch, you have to eat.

Truths 1. Who are you crushing on right now? How many people have you kissed or slept with? Tell me a time you were rejected, and describe it in detail for at least five minutes! Who is one person you wish was still in your life? When was a time you felt really embarrassed for somebody else? Have you ever stolen something from your parents or another person? At what age did you stop sleeping with a light on?

Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever been pulled over by the cops? Have you ever catfished anybody? If so, what happened? If not, have you wanted to? Have you ever been catfished before? What happened and how did you find out? What is something you did a long time ago that you still regret today? Have you ever heard your parents sleeping together? What is a really gross habit you have and never wanted anybody to find out?

Have you ever been in a police car, and if so, why? What is something your best friend or ificant other does that you really hate? Have you ever creeped on or stalked somebody on social media? Describe your grossest kiss and why it was so nasty! Who do you think is the most unattractive of all your friends?

If you had to hook up with one family member, who would it be? Shave your arms and send me a pic. Record yourself singing a song and post it on YouTube. Try to lick your own foot! Do a three-way prank call to somebody so I can listen. Fill up the bath and get in with your current outfit still on. Pick the third on your contacts list and message them a silly poem. Open up all your windows and sing an entire song as loud as you can.

Cut a piece of your hair. Put ice cubes down your pants and try to shake them out and send me a video. Take a video of yourself doing a crazy dance and post it to social media. Ask a neighbor if they have fifty cents. Walk around the block and talk to yourself the entire time, even when people are around.

Drink or eat a teaspoon of soap. Send me a screenshot of your messages with the last person besides me you texted. Brush your teeth with peanut butter or another condiment and send me a pic. Take a really unflattering picture and make it your profile picture for one full day. Send me a screenshot of your selfies gallery. Go up to your biggest window and dance really badly until someone walks past.

Text a random a selfie. Pretend to be a cat for five minutes and send me a video. Find the spiciest thing in your house and eat an entire spoonful of it. Make a video of yourself doing your weirdest habit! Create a really bad, five-minute make-up tutorial and post it to YouTube. Walk to the nearest store and ask for the smallest available change for five dollars. Wait until a dog walks past your house and bark at it!

Dares to do over snapchat

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