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The Department of Justice yesterday charged a year-old man with stealing nude photos from at least 50 iCloud and 72 Gmail s, most of which belonged to celebrities. Collins has pled guilty to one count of unauthorized access to a protected computer to obtain information, officials said. Court documents showed he required no hacking skills at all, creating fake addresses - e-mail. He simply ed the celebrities and asked them for their information, which, it seems, they duly gave away. Lawrence was one of a host of female The video below, which had more than 23, views at the time of publication, details the steps required to dupe someone into handing over iCloud passwords with some pre-made HTML s that really look like they come from Apple.

That service is run by whoever owns the gadget-shows[dot]com domain, which was registered at the start of by an Otelea Catalin Madalin. The site offers all manner of free guides and tools for cracking open iCloud and Apple software. But phishing credentials only yield so much.

When hackers want to download data fast, before victims notice and Apple stops the attack, they turn to more advanced tools. It makes a direct connection to Apple datacenters. And the likes of Elcomsoft can actually help prosecute criminals grabbing data from iCloud being particularly pertinent in light of the FBI's attempts to gather information on a San Bernardino shooter from Apple. What all users, celebrities or not, need to learn is that major technology companies rarely ask them for their passwords.

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Find anyones nudes

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Stealing Nude Pics From iCloud Requires Zero Hacking Skills -- Just Some YouTube Guides