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For many, tootsies are downright sexy. A foot fetishist is someone with a sexual interest in feet, toes, and ankles. If you have a foot fetish aka podophilia , chances are you know someone who shares your interests. In a study , about one-third of participants said they had a sexual preference for a certain body part, and almost half of those people had some kind of foot fandom going on. But there are some theories that may explain the mysteries of foot magic. Foot massages feel good for a reason. Feet are superhighways of nerve endings — scratching the bottom of your foot likely feels way more intense than scratching your elbow.

This could explain why feet can play a role in sensual pleasure. The D and S stand for dominance and submission. Feet can be a part of that kinky power dynamic. Some people get off on foot worship or being used as a footstool. These are just a few of the many fun forms of being dominated. A lot of cultures treat feet with disgust. And taboos can be hot AF.

Domination is the not-so-distant cousin of humiliation. People with humiliation-type foot fetishes may engage in foot play that feels demeaning. This could be your partner rubbing your face with their feet or walking on you. If you dig feet, you may also enjoy foot accoutrements e. High heels and different types of socks and hosiery also have a dedicated fan base. On the other hand, there are purists who prefer an unadorned foot. Foot play is a choose-your-own-adventure kind of thing. A good foot rub can be orgasmic for some people.

Rubbing and tickling are familiar ways to get the party started. Some foot fetishists may enjoy admiring a well-manicured foot. Others find more pleasure in getting in on the action themselves. Shoe fetishes are often linked with foot fetishes. Nudes get a lot of attention. If your partner has a foot fetish, dip your toe into the kinky waters and start sending them foot pics. If your partner has a foot fetish, they might take pleasure in worshipping your little piggies.

Or rub your feet up their legs and work your way to the end zone. As far as sexual kinks go, foot fetishes are pretty safe. However, as with any kind of sexual contact, there are some risks to consider. Impetigo and molluscum contagiosum are other skin infections that can be passed through skin-to-skin contact. Cuts are a concern too. Unkempt toenails can do a nasty on delicate nether-region skin. Keep those little buddies clean and trim. Talking about your fetish might make you feel vulnerable. But try not to let disappointments get in the way of your current relationship.

As soon as you feel comfortable enough, be honest. Your partner may have some questions about your fetish. Preparing responses ahead of time can help you feel more confident about discussing your desires. With any sexual act, consent is key. Instead, work your way up with some more familiar options like foot massages or pedicures.

First of all, take their honesty as a positive. Opening up about a fetish can be intimidating. A friendly ear is a great way to show support. Your partner may not be up front about their foot fetish at first. They might start small by offering you a foot massage.

Let the thought marinate a bit. But if feet are a definite no-fly zone for you, make that clear. Keep in mind that foot fetishes are really common. There are ways to say no without kink-shaming your partner. Take things at your own pace and communicate. Always tell your partner if something makes you feel weird. They should respect your boundaries. Fetishes and kinks are nothing to be ashamed of, but being open about them can be a challenge. Honest communication can be a profoundly empowering tool when exploring your foot fetish with your partner.

Just be mindful of how fast you tread into foot fetish territory and keep the conversation going! Sex can boost your brainpower, squash stress, and even improve your job satisfaction. Whether you can't stop thinking about S-E-X or you're never in the mood anymore, the concept of a "normal" sex drive is a hot topic. Here's how to…. These foods are noted to help arousal but we think the real magic is the effort you're putting in to make tonight work.

Get it! Communication, masturbation, and checking if you're there out of obligation. Those are just a few of the sex advice tips we got from experts in bed. People will seek sex education that helps them feel whole and interconnected. That means we need to stop erasing mental health from sexual health. Popularity Why feet? Share on Pinterest. But why feet? Options galore. Foot play fun Are there risks? Opening up about your fetish. Learn more. Be proud of your kink. Read this next. A Whole Day of Eating for Pleasure?

Foot fetish info

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