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Being friends with benefits is mostly for people who want an active sex life without burdening themselves of a long-term commitment. But, it sometimes becomes more complicated than a regular relationship if either one of the two isn't on the same with each other. Honestly, FWB can be more complicated than long term committed relationships and requires more caution than ever. So, here are 12 things that you need to keep in mind while diving in for something like Friends with Benefits with a girl. You can't do FWB with your close friends, your inner circle or your best friend; it is a trap that won't end well if tried.

This is a no go zone and should be shunned if crossed your mind. If all you're looking for is sex, please look elsewhere. Becoming Friends with Benefits with your best friend can ruin a perfectly good relationship. This should go without saying, always use protection. You don't ever want her to get pregnant. And not just that, safe sex also lessens your chances of contracting an STD, especially if you're FWB with a lot of people. Have fun, but be responsible. Never get emotionally attached with each other as that'll only complicate the situation and Friends with Benefits is something from where you'd want to move out at any-time.

So, do not get too comfortable sharing everything about your life with them. If you're only in it to have casual sex, stick to that. Do not try to be anything more. You don't go on dates with someone you're in just for casual sex, stick to that. Do not complicate the situation on your own. It isn't a relationship and doesn't make it one. You don't go out for watching movies, dates, and dinners together. This will lead on to getting attached to each other and you don't want that. Never get jealous or possessive if she's seeing another guy. FWB is usually not a monogamous setup.

She is free to hook up with other guys if she wishes to and so are you. Do not be clingy. You didn't get into this for commitment anyway. However, if your partner expects you to be monogamous even in the FWB setup, be honest to her about your plans. Transparency will make the situation less crumbled and always stay on the same and for that communication is the key. Avoid socializing in the same circles.

Do not invite her to your friend's party or a family wedding. Everybody's going to start asking you where this is headed and you're going to have a tough time explaining it to people. Remember, this is not a permanent setup and this will end. Also, the end always comes without telling. Never depend on your FWB to exist forever for you. It is a temporary fix for your long-term needs. Keep it short as you're here to have fun and nothing else. Also, the longer it gets the more complicated and attached you both will be as after all you're human beings and not robots.

We're not saying you shouldn't look for any emotional intimacy at all, just not with your FWB. Feel free to meet new girls you'd be genuinely interested in dating. Make sure you're not unknowingly depending on your FWB to be around forever. Never make her believe about feelings that don't exist.

Don't mislead her into thinking you're looking for more than just sex when you're really not. Make sure you both are on the same . Sometimes you just feel like saying things at the moment but abstain from that. It is not cool to say things just for the sake of it, this could just hurt the other person and make things complicated.

An FWB setup is supposed to be nothing more than casual sex. Be in it for too long and chances are, one of you will start to develop feelings for the other. Do not let that happen. Do not fall in love with her, not because she's not your type, but simply because she's probably not looking for long-term commitment either. Move away the moment you start to get the feels. These rules will definitely keep you happy and protected from any chaos that you might have created due to lack of knowledge of a Friends with Benefits setup. Keep it short and simple silly! Shop Read. up with us to unlock all features!

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Fwb pics

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