Getting laid at conventions

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You can: log in , read the tech support FAQ , or request your lost password. This dumb message and those will appear on every screen until you register! We charge money because it costs us money per month for bills, and since we don't believe in showing to our users, we try to make the money back through forum registrations. Falcon posted: my wife's coworker basically hangs out at anime cons and picks up chicks based on him being 30 and in decent shape and them being literally years old or maybe not since he's kind of a scummy person and being emotionally vulnerable and kind of messed in the head.

I hope this helps I guess? Mud Shark posted: 1. Smeego posted: if ur a dude cosplay as someone who is fuckable. Spanish Manlove posted: yeah i don't think someone could come up with a more gross thing in this thread than fireball mixed with mountain dew.

There is a large anime convention downtown here in the middle of summer, its always bizarre to see fat sweaty versions of spider man and goku walking around. Once I was in the hotel they were at and some kid was trying to force a girl, who looked already drunk, to drink a mojito. Cyber Hellcat is not amused. Grondoth posted: Holy poo poo, is that an elaborate joke? Sheng-ji Yang posted: thats not going to work out. DrManiac posted: return of the king is a hardcore MRA site and is in no way a joke. Spanish Manlove posted: lol. The History of Lolis starts in an hour, but I'll have to skip the last 30 minutes to attend the ball-ted doll BJD meetup.

As a corn-fed American girl dressed like a waifish child from Victorian England le me to my table of one I smirk at her disservice to the gothic-lolita GothLoli fashion movement, but say nothing. After all, she might be one of the three women to show up to the Anime Speed Dating panel tonight. You're all I think, this thing set troublin. Powered by: vBulletin Version 2. Be sure to attend events focusing on Lolita. Lolita is a sub culture of Japanese fashion relating to a mixture of British Victorian fashion and Japanese fashion.

These clothes are also extremely expensive usually meaning that these women have a rich daddy or a male sponsor. This combine with the fact that most of these women are more likely to have a personality disorder other than autism. If a woman is in to this culture she must keep thin and must be in to looking good. A great requisition for a bang.

Jul 9, Profile Post History Rap Sheet. Jul 15, Chumbawumba4ever97 Dec 31, Grin and Tonic Oct 20, having a blast online. Apr 26, Can't post for days! Falcon Oct 10, Eat your hamburgers, Apollo. Make sure to not bathe then drink lots of mountain dew with fireball. Smeego Sep 9, japan sucks. Mud Shark May 12, Sheng-Ji Yang Mar 5, Spanish Manlove posted: yeah i don't think someone could come up with a more gross thing in this thread than fireball mixed with mountain dew I knew a guy who did this everyday.

Sep 29, Spanish Manlove posted: yeah i don't think someone could come up with a more gross thing in this thread than fireball mixed with mountain dew is that the fireball that's the cinnamon booze? Lazerbeam Feb 4, Dressing as Tidus, the idiot so-cal surfer from Final Fantasy X, is a surefire way to drive girls wild.

Dressing as Sephiroth on the other hand, that's just a fool's errand. I'm dead serious when I say I want to take luigithirty to an anime con. Grondoth Feb 18, Teron D Amun Oct 9, They are not the types to take care of their innards including the part you want access to. Protocol7 Jul 26, Cyber Hellcat is not amused. Beau Billingslea is riding in an elevator and a couple dressed like Spike Spiegel and Edward hop on three floors from the lobby.

He recoils inwardly as a flash of recognition passes between their eyes. I bet a serial killer could do well at conventions, surrounded by socially stunted basement dwellers who would only be missed when they don't show up for their shift at in two weeks, don't ask me how I know. Sheng-ji Yang posted: thats not going to work out much like people who would go to anime conventions to get laid. DrManiac Feb 29, Like, they literally don't let you post if you're a girl. Holy poo poo. This whole website is just so loving hilarious. They might not even have jobs.

E: if you leave their corpse in their apartment too people might not even notice the smell. I flip through my program guide for the day's events as I wait in line for lunch at the maid cafe. Spanish Manlove posted: lol oops sorry, I meant an intentional joke. A website full of grown men who have a no girls allowed policy is funny in a different way.

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Getting laid at conventions

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How To Pick Up Girls In Anime and Comic Book Conventions