How to know someone blocked you on kik

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On the other hand, you can be blocked by someone for some reason. The most frustrating thing is not you are blocked by someone, but you do not know if you are blocked by someone, because there is no clear notification from Kik to say it. However, still, there are some hints that you can check if someone has blocked you on Kik.

Though you won't be able to tell if you've been blocked by someone on Kik, you could still send messages to that person, which is similar to Facebook messages block. From the message status, you can know if you have blocked by someone. As a result, Kik will display an S after the delivery of the message, and the status will be changed to D quickly when the message is sent to the receiver. However, D will never be changed to R if the receiver has blocked you, because the receiver will never read the message. For example, if someone has lost the mobile phone, or gets no Internet al, the message will be always kept as D, instead of R.

For confirming that, you can call the individual. If he has blocked you, you can check the post to know how to call a blocked . You just need to log in Kik , and create a group chat, add those who have never blocked you, and add the suspected person to the conversation group. Neither rejection nor take-over comes out of nowhere. Kik block is the same. If you have blocked by someone, just return to check the Kik messages to see if you have done something that annoys someone, including the deleted Kik messages. It can scan and find back the deleted Kik messages and the existing Kik chatting and save them to computer.

Aiseesoft iPhone Data Recovery. Free download iPhone Data Recovery to your computer. Install and run it immediately on your computer. The scanning time depends on the data on your iPhone. You need to pay more patience for a large amount of data on iPhone. After completing the scan, you can see all the data types shown in the left sidebar. The messages or attachments marked as red color are the deleted items. You can also use the search feature to filter the specific Kik messages. Very easy, right? Now, you can open the Kik messages and read them directly. Just check the Kik messages between you and someone that has blocked you to see if you have offended himself or herself.

It is embarrassing that you keep sending the messages via Kik to someone, but someone just blocked you. To tell if you have been blocked by someone, the above 2 methods exactly help. Certainly, you should also check yourself if you have made something that disturbs others and cause the block from them from Kik. Rating: 4. This is the full guide to block and unblock someone on WhatsApp from your iPhone and Android phone.

Moreover, you are able to block someone without them knowing. Keep getting calls from your ex who doesn't take no for an answer? Don't worry, check this article and learn how to block a phone on your Android or iPhone. How to delete Kik messages? Here are 4 ways to help you permanently delete Kik messages, even from some else's phone. All rights reserved.

Those who are using the app must have known the straightforward blocking feature from Kik. Part 1. Part 2. Restore the Kik messages from iTunes and iCloud backup. Preview the Kik data before recovery.

What do you think of this post? Leave your comment and our discussion. Recover Blocked Messages on iPhone 3. Call Someone from a Blocked 4. Block Unblock Someone WhatsApp 6. Block Deactive Facebook Messages. Download Center Aiseesoft Store.

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How to know someone blocked you on kik

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How to Know If Someone Blocked You on Kik [ Update]