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Which is actually important to realize with this topic. A lot of the times it has more to do with the perversions of the family roles represented in incest. This is all fiction. If you are in an incestual relationship, I have no judgments, just covering my ass here. It helps you be a better writer, for one—always important. But maybe even more important, an audience that responds is a happy audience. But they do crave the chemicals that are pumped into their system from the feelings they do get. Because I tend to write unbalanced, unhealthy relationships because I enjoy the push and pull that they create on an emotional level.

I like seeing people struggle before they get to their happiness and that can get complicated. If you take out the fact that these people are related to each other, on paper they look like what a lot of people are searching for in a soul mate. An experienced adult, ideally, would be able to communicate and guide the child to a balanced level. This is your conflict to all those soulmate things above pulling your characters together.

Society is going to be the biggest conflict unless your characters are isolated. Even still, it will always be a secret relationship, either the fact of their affection or their family bonds. Now, you can actually add the healthy list into this one as well because really, people are complex and it could be all or just one of these depending on your story. The drama of this type of story comes from the pull of the people, not the push from society. You will be amazed at how good people are at creating their own shit.

This is the sort of story where characters create the drama and the plot just pushes things along. I think the first time I saw an actual incest pairing on television was for one of those British murder mysteries where you find out the brother and sister had murdered because the person had caught them having sex.

It showed me that in this type of fiction, focusing on trying to fight that underlying social norm has little value in creating tension and conflict. Instead, that happens because of your characters, their behavior and…. There is a reason ageplay is popular. Now when I say perversion, I mean not only the sexualisation of these roles but also, on some levels, a selfishness and need for control added on what would normally be ideally a loving, guiding balance. So, how do you pervert the family roles? Well, first you need to identify them. What does unconditional love look like on a daily basis?

Some examples. With an older younger pairing, you can focus on the manipulation of wills to get what one wants, as well as the exploitation of age and experience. The child will be more inexperienced in everything including the emotional consequences of their actions, giving them a willingness to do more emotionally damaging things in the name of love. While the parent has an innate power over the child which can be exploited as well as exploiting the unconditional love and forgiveness directed at them so they can gain their own fulfillment.

Guilt, manipulation, bad behavior for personal gain, trying to trap the other into giving in, the tricks and blackmail used to keep them from telling about what they did—you name it, this can be in your fic. We are the worst to ourselves. The more the initial baseline is twisted and corrupted and the more the characters are effect emotionally—possibly physically and financially as well, the more impact you create.

The ability to create tension is all about acknowledging, identifying, and being able to point out these turning points to your reader right before you cross a line. His brother had no problem punishing him for doing bad, usually making Rob feel ridiculously young and small whenever he did no matter how old he was. You could have really hurt me.

The last time he had been spanked he had been seven and had been running with scissors. No way was this okay. His brother was too strong and with Dan and Joey watching, there would be no escape. It was like you were looking to get caught.

He ducked his head further down but nothing could muffle his sniffles. His ass was burning hot, the flesh vibrating with each strike. They were always treating him like a little kid but they were the ones that were at fault. He refused to apologize. Frank had been a total asshole and he was just defending himself.

His cries were turning to sobs much to his mortification, his tears growing thicker, voice full of his pain. That was all he could think about, that and the steady, painful rhythm of his ass being spanked with each of his breaths. So to start with you have an establishment of roles. Frank is the stern, righteous brother willing to do what it takes to teach Rob a lesson. Although nearly the same age, the three are taking on a more parental role in this scene with the doling out of punishment.

And believe me, it gets far more interesting as the scene progresses and the roles completely twist by the end. A lot of what makes these types of fics interesting when I write them is the change brought on from that role perversion. Change in characters, their dynamics, and the world around them. This particular fic has Rob deciding he might want to be a cross-dresser by the end of it—probably not the most traditional theme of an incest fic, but hey, the sky is the limit. You need an aggressor to get things moving, and usually, you need the foil to fight the pull and draw the tension out.

Fear of discovery, fear of ruining the relationship they did have, fear of ruining the person they love for their own desires, fear of never coming back from the obsession—All these emotional pulls to stop vs the physical, sexual, emotional pushes to continue. This goes back to what makes dubcon sexy; the internal struggle of what you want vs what society wants for you. Family roles have an underlying emotional bond that is missing from the other types of roles eroticised in fiction.

The extra emotional connection is usually part of the draw for readers. It somehow justifies the intense and exploitative behavior because they can rationalize and fantasize about obsessive love. Did I miss anything? I usually write these things off the top of my head. Twenty Ten Dark by Seismic Themes. Sadie Sins. Exploring Kinks: 4 Incest www. What is pulling your characters together?

What is pushing them apart? Instead, that happens because of your characters, their behavior and… The perversion of the family roles There is a reason ageplay is popular. This entry was posted in Exploring Kinks , writing tips. Bookmark the permalink. Search for:. Proudly powered by WordPress. Ready To Sin?

Incest kink

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