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His cock and balls. Below we have Cock and ball methods for you to follow. for cock and ball torture webcams. Ready to discuss cock torture ideas, punishment and different techniques for both online webcam session or in a real-time scenario with your partner. We are always looking for new CBT slaves to train and use both online and offline.

Cock domination is something our Dominatrixes are very skilled at, they know what buttons to press to make your manhood suffer. This will be a long article with a lot more suggestions to use in any CBT fetish session. Abusing your dick on live femdom webcams is something that all dommes love and nothing makes them happier than having a slave grunting and screaming in agony as she beats, batters and abuse his family jewels. Phone the kinky British Mistress for cock and ball torture Uk Phonesex. If you were to tell a vanilla guy you were going to put something into his urethra using electro sounds, then put ball weights on his balls as well as tieing up his cock and balls, he would look at you as if you were mad and then run a mile.

However of course for those who would hate it, there is those who just love it and would want it incorporated into any kinky Bdsm Play they were having. CBT fetish is a very popular request asked of most Dominant females, from the novices right up to the seasoned players. It is one of the most popular requests in any BDSM kink play. Test out some of our tasks below whether in a couples session or self CBT, we have methods and instructions for both.

for live webcams. There are many different ways for CBT abuse of a slave to be administered. It depends on the level of brutality that the dominant females feel like dishing out or how much she thinks a slave deserves or even just how much pent up anger she wants to unleash.

for Cam to cam CBT chats. Ready for more pain for that dick and balls? The online dominatrix can have you attach dozens of those sadistic little pegs to your sensitive skin. Making you clamp more and more onto your shaft and then keep adding them to your nut sack as well till there is no skin left showing. Dozens of pegs all biting away at the same time and leaving you in agony. After a few moments, it will start to BURN. The pain will be intense as she makes you stand there and not move.

It will feel like your cock is on fire. It will still be extremely uncomfortable though and will make you squirm which will amuse your mistress greatly. CBT toothpaste sensation can heat up and feel intense. Your Domme can have you lift up your cock and then make you slap your balls hard. Over and over again until you are grunting with the impact. Harder and harder until you are almost in tears. She can also make you tie they balls tight in restraint as she does in her bondage cam rooms and when they are so tight and going purple she makes u scratch them with ur nails, or slap them even harder with spoons.

She can make you hit your nuts hard with it again and again as many times as she sees fit. The impact will make you feel sick and get the deep sickly feeling in the pit of your stomach but these mean bitches online do not give a toss about you so they will make you keep on going till you almost pass out. CBT kink with orgasm control as using the wooden spoon can intensify the whole scenario.

Cock and ball torture Video — . They will make you put more and more on and the friction alone will cause intense pain but when she makes you pull them out then let them snap back, you will be doubled over with tears in your eyes! Round and round and tying it in a bow till your shaft goes blue. The laces will catch bits of skin and will nip and she can make you completely cover your dick in them. The friction burns and tightness will cause you to double over and beg for mercy.

Separating the balls as she pulls tighter restraining them in their own bondage. Dick torment and ball bondage is high up on our list of ways to administer this fetish. for Cock and ball torture — Chat with Mistress here. She can have you clamp the trap to your genitals and then have you leave it there. The strong springs will clamp tightly and bring tears to your eyes. Biting in hard, it will make it hard for you to stand up straight and you will be begging to be allowed to remove it in seconds. The more extreme CBT addicts and sever dominatrix hosts can also make you snap them on your cock.

Bringing tears to your eyes and having you double over, she will make you wallop it against them until you collapse in a heap on the floor. For added effect, she might make you use the heel portion to really cause some serious pain. More stingy than a deep thud of the spoon, a crop will still hurt greatly. These whippy little bastards can cause you to sob and make you squeal with the hurt. Attaching the sack to your balls, she will make you attach more and more weights till it causes you to bend at the knees with the weight of them pulling your balls off.

She might make you swing them back and forth or lift them up and drop them. Tied to your cock with rope, she can make you fill the bucket with water until it is heavy and then make you stand with it or swing it back and forward. Put your testicles in the middle and then tighten the screws down till you feel sick and your balls are almost flat.

Attach the p to your balls and around your cock and then your online domina will direct you on what level to set the pulse at. She will laugh as you jerk with every jolt and probably make you keep turning the dial for harsher jolts! Either way, they will sting like fuck and leave you with dozens of tiny little acid-filled lumps that will hurt for days afterwards.

This stings and makes it difficult to move. More advanced urethra users can purchase an adapter for an e-stims machine and send jolts of electricity down there as well as Sounding tortures using the electro sounds which come in all sizes and thickness with different intensities. View our post on — different ways to humiliate your slave or sissy. Then she will make you slam the lid down hard causing you to double over. Again and again, she will make you slam it till she is satisfied you are in enough pain.

After your first orgasm, she will make you keep going till you are hard again and then cum again. Perhaps you will be told to tie your balls and then given JOI when the balls are tied tight and sensitive. And again. The tiny grits will rub and cut your dick but she will make you really earn your orgasm but jerking off with a piece of or grit sandpaper.

The agony will far exceed the ecstasy of orgasm but she will make you go to completion. Nipping and pricking till you are bleeding and in agony, she will laugh and make you add more and more. Eventually, you will be afraid to move with the pain! As it instantly cools and hardens on your skin, it will feel like lava. Completely covering you, she will smirk as you wince and squirm. Nothing is more fun for her however than watching you have to peel it all off again afterwards!

As you get hard the spikes will dig in and make you squirm. The pain is intense as you get rock solid and if she is feeling particularly sadistic she will then make you masturbate. With the hideous apparatus feeling like its pulling your balls away from your body, lots of strict dommes and mean bitches online like to make slaves with a humbler attached walk upstairs or do exercises.

You could also use a penis restrainer. T he opportunities for live CBT webcam sessions are endless but these 25 suggestions should get you started. In a female domination webcam session, your dominatrix will be able to add in her own special touches to keep it unique and keep you on your toes. More on — cock and ball torture Cams online here. There you have it 25 ways to have a cock and ball torture cam show with a Mistress, items she may request you bring with you or items you as the sub-cam suggest to your Mistress.

Another favourite of mine is trampling on the cock and balls, standing all over them and twisting around on top of them, especially if I am wearing my boots, trampling is another very popular way for a femdom when in a session at her dungeon. Related: — Sissy CBT. We will be adding new articles weekly on different types of BDSM cams shows so do remember to keep coming back to check or save it in your bookmarks so you can check regularly.

Want to know how to have an orgasm control cam session? Keep checking back for even more ways to have cock and ballbusting. We thrive on hardcore pain for our submissives and are always full of new ideas. With years of experience in DIY cock torture, you will find our Lists will guide you in the world of both erotic plays as well as pain with endorphin release.

We have some great ideas for self cock torture as well as ballbusting techniques, read on for more ideas on how to torture a cock? A mistress and slave session should always be remembered for years after the event, from piercing that cock and balls to branding it, we have many ways to ensure you will never forget any experience with our online Evil women. Our male torture ideas will leave you in doubt as to what a real session would be like. The above are just a few suggestions to get you started you can even use some self ballbusting ideas which we will list below to help you get started.

If you have tried these and are ready to try them out online with a Femdom then make sure to visit webcam self-torture links above or click below for real live sessions with sexy, but kinky Females. The above penis torture ideas will get you started in testing out your own pain threshold and the feeling of endorphins being released which can be an amazing sensation for some people. You can also use the above for self cock torture. Our femdom CBT ideas come from years and years of experience as a Dominatrix who has used all of these methods in both ballbusting scenarios as well as cruel ball torture.

So why do some people enjoy cock bondage? The simple answer to that is they like the cock to feel restrained with no escape, enclosed in something that they have no control over. It also makes the cock much more sensitive than normal, so using a sharp object like a pinwheel to run it all over the cock is a great way to heighten his sensations.

It is much easier to inflict more extreme pain when the cock is in bondage and bound, you can introduce other tools like pins and electrics. Obviously this is then introducing more of the CBT side with both cock bondage and CBT being used in conjunction with each other. This particular type of bondage can also involve being locked up in a chastity device which then takes us into the orgasm control, erection control side of things.

Some people have even made their own homemade CBT devices. Rope bondage is usually the most popular way to tie the cock and balls, using the bottle knot as the anchor for the balls and pulling it up under them and separating the balls. Another way is using cock rings, cock bondage can also extend towards ball bondage and if you really look at it, it is just another way for cock and ball torture. Our Femdom torture methods have been used for many years in the kinky world of BDSM And pain play, but as with everything please ensure to read up on safety guidelines before venturing into anything extreme.

We have listed some of the best ways to enjoy this kink for some people it is a fetish and for others, it is a form of total submission to a superior female. We have added many cock and ball torture pictures to the from real sessions with real subs and sissy girls to give you an idea of the different types of techniques that are used in a one to one scenario, however, we have also explained how to do self-torture on yourself. Our mistresses like for you to have a webcam so they can watch and instruct you so if you have a cam then let them know.

Some submissive males I have spoken to have told me that no other type of orgasm can come close to the one experienced through a CBT session. High heel torture on the penis is another way some of the femdoms will use in a session, pushing the heel towards the urethra and teasing it or inserting it inside.

This will be a long article with a lot more suggestions to use in any CBT fetish session Abusing your dick on live femdom webcams is something that all dommes love and nothing makes them happier than having a slave grunting and screaming in agony as she beats, batters and abuse his family jewels.

Phone the kinky British Mistress for cock and ball torture Uk Phonesex If you were to tell a vanilla guy you were going to put something into his urethra using electro sounds, then put ball weights on his balls as well as tieing up his cock and balls, he would look at you as if you were mad and then run a mile.

for live webcams There are many different ways for CBT abuse of a slave to be administered. for Cam to cam CBT chats Here are 25 Methods a strict Mistress can use to abuse a males cock and balls — How to torture a cock- webcam self-torture Mistress ties his balls up nice and tight Ready for more pain for that dick and balls? CBT online pegs on balls.

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