Leather fetish women

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Every kind of body dressed head-to-toe in black leather, PVC, latex, chains, fishnets, silk and lace… I instantly felt at home. Jessica, a plant scientist working for a startup in Brooklyn, is describing her first experience at Bound, a quarterly yes, four times per year fetish night that took place at Tilt now gay bar Vault , before finding a home in Bushwick club Elsewhere. This description could sound off-putting or exciting, depending on your threshold for comfort. Attending Bound, you may come across any of latex-clad patrons there to let loose in some of the most body-constricting get-ups around.

And you may wonder, what do these people look like in the daylight? What do they do? We found out. I need something sturdy with pockets that can take the abuse of gel and paint and also hold my blades, sharpies and other supplies. When I was a kid I caught a glimpse of a news segment on TV featuring women in patent leather fetish wear. I was enamored by their outfits… the rest is history.

I was in Zone 1 [of Elsewhere] and a women was laying on the bar in front of me. She had her legs up and someone was stapling dollar bills to the back of her thighs. It was the pivotal moment where I recognised how much of a safe space this event had created. What does it mean to you to personally to have f ound this scene? Both getting into character and dancing, especially to dark techno, are therapeutic outlets for me.

Does your fetish dress extend to your sexual encounters? Can you describe what you do for a living? I am the head plant scientist for a startup company in Brooklyn. My job is centred around research and development with a focus on biological systems and all things plant and material science. My specific role is creating experimental des, rigorous plant testing, monitoring data acquisition, analysing and reporting to diagnostics a team of electrical and mechanical engineers. How long have you been in that job? I have been with my current company for a little over a year, I started working with them in March I have been working in plant science for the last five years.

How would you describe your clothing that you wear to work? Half of the time my work clothes are covered with a lab coat, but in general I wear long pants, long sleeves and comfortable shoes. When did you first get involved in fetish dressing? As I got older late teens, early twenties , the iconic images stuck with me and inspired my collections of lingerie, latex, hardware and leather. How do you literally get into your outfit? Next, depending on my look, I either lube myself up or fuss with chains and straps for an indeterminable amount of time.

Have you ever put on a garter belt? I swear it is its own weird science no matter how often you do it. Can you tell me about something amazing you witnessed there? Witnessing people getting lined up to get put in the cage to have Dom. I have been a part of the punk scene in NYC and Philadelphia for more than 15 years.

I identify as a queer body and finding this scene means I have access to a platform for being social in a community where there is space for me to be myself. Bound has enforced a strict door policy which curates a safe environment and sets itself apart from almost every other party in NYC.

There is something magical about having a big reveal underneath your regular outfit. My partner and I are very playful and my fetish dress adds excitement and pleasure to our encounters — some pieces are more utilitarian than others. Jon, a year-old paralegal, is into the pup scene and incorporates drag make-up into his looks. I work at an entertainment law firm that primarily focuses on transaction deals.

The lawyers I work with primarily work in the indie film and VR spaces, and we help our clients with all the various legal elements that go into creating feature length films, TV shows, and VR projects. This includes reviewing and drafting contracts, negotiating with talent agencies, and film financing etc. The clothing that I wear to work is pretty standard and bland, but not too formal.

When I was growing up in San Diego, I used to sneak out to the gay neighborhood, Hillcrest, and be enamored by the drag queens and club kids I used to see. I spent one of those years in London, where I became quick friends with a tattoo artist and a piercer I used to go to and they invited me out to some amazing fetish events and club nights.

My interest in fetish dressing evolved as the next step in my love of drag, but also grew from an emerging sexual maturity. I always like to include elements of my drag upbringing in my fetish looks, which usually includes a heavy degree of makeup. I enjoy the entire process, which has become a cathartic activity for me. Washing and shaving my face, gluing my brows down, lubing up my body for rubber, and even coming home and taking it all off has all become a ritualistic process, enhanced by the ear-splitting disco music that blasts from my speakers at home.

What means most to me is the sense of community that the scene provides. Yes and no. Lanee has been a video editor for five years, but has been experimenting with fetish wear much longer, since I work a day job as a commercial video editor with a primary focus on beauty content for cosmetic brands.

Any additional free time in my schedule is spent on my personal creative practice as a fetish photographer. The latter is work that I try to keep very separate from my vanilla clients. I typically wear some version of a suit to most of my commercial jobs. Not necessarily because the job requires it, but because I believe that garments like blazers and slacks feel like an alternative way of expressing power during those moments when fetish wear is clearly not appropriate for the work environment.

I think a lot of the New York kink scene finds its community within online platforms so it was great to be able to connect IRL with so many internet friends. It means having a safe space to share my interests with likeminded individuals, both in terms of bdsm practices and also creatively as a fetish photographer. Personally speaking, latex is more erotic without ever feeling the need to play in a scene while wearing the latex.

Kale, 25, takes out frustrations serving bros at an East Village bar by packing his leather outfits to work in the hopes of leaving early. I work two jobs as a host at an East Village cocktail bar and at a Ramen juggernaut.

Five years, since I first moved to New York. Folsom East, three years ago. My fearless gay dad, Chris, showed me the healthy way of sexual exploration. I also did my fair amount research in my younger years I discovered what sounding is when I was I started going when the party was in its beginning stages, at Tilt. Everyone looked so free. Just dance. Gearing up. Seeing all my friends looks. Thrashing around till 5 am. If I get lucky at the function. I do want everyone to be able to explore themselves sexually. I believe it is very essential. But there are those who involve themselves just for the aesthetics and clout.

Vanilla only wears black to work, sometimes wearing a harness to subvert the conventions of her workwear. I work as an architectural deer at a firm in Brooklyn. I am on the track for licensure. I do many things, but most of my days are spent drawing and redeing buildings using software called AutoCAD.

I work on mostly residential projects at the moment. I graduated May I was a student for five years, studying architecture and gender studies. I have been working at my current firm for seven months. I wear very simple, comfortable clothing to work. My typical look is black pants with a black top, black-heeled leather boots, and my black leather jacket. Three and a half years ago. There are so many amazing fetish shops there and I came across one in Camden Market. When I walked in, I was overwhelmed and excited by the smell of leather and latex. I bought my first piece that day.

It was a black leather cone bra and thong set. I still have it and every time I see it or wear it, I am reminded of that day. It depends on the outfit. Latex generally takes longer to put on especially larger pieces. When I start to dress for a scene, or a kink party, my mind goes into a meditative state. My experience begins when I start getting dressed. There is a ceremonious aspect to kink that I cherish. Once Bound moved to Elsewhere, there was so much more space and opportunities for performances. I had wanted to see her perform for a while and my mind was blown once I did.

It was absolutely gorgeous; I was completely mesmerized. I stood up close to the stage, front row. As the cake was smashed and smothered and sp and more, streaming across her skin, I remember flecks of frosting flying off of her and landing on me.

Leather fetish women

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