Mistress control

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Ally McBeal may complain that all the best men are married, but a new breed of self-confessed serial mistresses say women in the know would not want it any other way. Today's mistresses are a different species from the old-school Other Woman, whose lonely days revolved around the phone call that never came. The modern mistress is in control and in demand. Her position empowers her and, best of all, she never has to watch football in bed.

Victoria Griffin - author of a new book, The Mistress: Histories, Myths and Interpretations of the 'Other Woman', and a mistress herself - believes the modern mistress has discovered what men have long known: sex without commitment is fun and empowering. Griffin believes that, while marriage forces women to cede control over their lives, illicit love affairs allow them to protect their autonomy while enjoying loving relationships. Thus, someone who is unable to be with me all the time but who, when he is with me, is fully with me, is ideal. Griffin believes that, although society likes to pretend women are free to co-exist in equal relationships with men, the reality is different.

Society still conditions women into taking a second seat in relationships and teaches them to compromise their lives for the benefit of their male partner,' she added. I know the sort of life I want to lead and I know the characteristics in me that could endanger it. I've chosen my life carefully to get what I want: the best of both worlds.

Griffin believes the empowered mistress relishes her anarchic, secret life and thrives on the excitement of falling in love and living for the moment. It's completely up to you,' she said. Phyllis Rose, author of a book on Victorian marriages, Parallel Lives, maintains that modern mistresses get their power from questioning society's definition of a successful relationship. Margaret Emsley, a year-old antiques dealer from Eastbourne, East Sussex, has been a mistress to three men for the past nine years and says she's never been happier or more in control of her own life.

But as a mistress, I get the best of a man while being able to ignore the worst,' she said. I'm never going to give any man the power to have a say in how I live my life or be unfaithful to me. I'm holding the pack and I'm not giving away a single card. The Observer UK news. The secret's out - today's mistress is really the master. A new book explains how the once pitied 'other woman' is coming into her own. Amelia Hill. Topics UK news The Observer.

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Mistress control

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