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Jamie Naughright and what happened in a University of Tennessee training room in late February , just one person other than the quarterback and the trainer has attested to having witnessed the incident. In the testimony and documents reviewed by The MMQB, no definitive mention is made of other witnesses, or whether or not the three were alone in the training room at the time.

Though the incident had been covered over the years by news outlets in Tennessee and nationally, the Daily News story ignited a firestorm. After the Daily News story broke, Johnson says he reached out to Manning expressing his willingness to talk to a reporter off the record. Now a law enforcement officer, Johnson says he was reticent to be identified because of his occasional role as an undercover investigator. Johnson, a senior linebacker and special teams player in , says he entered the training room and saw Manning leaning with one elbow on a training table while Naughright, then an assistant trainer, examined his foot from behind.

He says hey to Saxon and pulls down the back of his shorts, and I saw one butt cheek, and then he pulled his pants up. Thought nothing of it. That aligns with the description of the incident that Naughright provided in a affadavit , filed as part of an employment discrimination complaint she lodged against the University of Tennessee. The complaint involved more than two dozen allegations of sexual discrimination or harassment, including the training-room incident.

Manning has consistently denied that any contact took place. Johnson says he saw no physical contact between Manning and Naughright while he was present. They asked if Peyton mooned somebody. Next thing I know, Peyton is banned from the chow hall. Even so, Manning initially defended himself, in part, by shifting the spotlight to Naughright.

Manning went on to spend his senior season at the university and was drafted No. Johnson graduated in , and after that, he says, he traveled to Panama and enlisted in the Marine Corps. His first overseas deployment came in The graying history teacher and prep school cross country coach stood on the porch of his single-story home on the northern edge of Jackson, Miss. In neither the letter nor the affidavit does he mention physical contact between Manning and Naughright.

We were met with apologetic refusals and slammed doors from former trainers and athletic department officials, as well as current Tennessee employees, from Jackson to Atlanta to Knoxville and Lakeland, Fla.

Senn, the man who helped pen the document in Naughright named Gary Wyant, at the time assistant athletic director for football operations, as one of two of her superiors who she said tried to convince Naughright to pin the incident on the black player. Fulmer could not recall having a conversation with Johnson in about the incident. Several student athletes deposed for the suit stated they had never observed Naughright behave unprofessionally during her time at UT. If you ask anyone who dealt with her at that time, you will probably hear the same thing.

They do, however, provide necessary context to the public discussion of a case that, since the Daily News article went viral, has been lacking it. Vulgar Mouth Whited. Her married name was Whited. Shaken by the contents of the book and its subsequent proliferation among her colleagues, Naughright asserted in the document that her performance suffered and led to her leaving Florida Southern. She soon entered the world of yoga. According to an online biography penned by Naughright, she assisted Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman with the Urban Zen Integrative Therapy program, a holistic approach to healthcare founded by Donna Karan.

And she became a co-owner of a new yoga studio in Lakeland, My Time Yoga, which has since closed. Larry Padgett, a Winter Haven orthopedic surgeon, consulted with My Time Yoga and worked with Naughright on several other projects in the early s. Reached at his house in Winter Haven, Fla.

And the patients seemed to like her very much. That was a popular sentiment among those who had worked with Naughright. While some of those interviewed on and off the record had issues with her personal demeanor, most agreed she was a highly capable athletic trainer and doctor with a tremendous reputation among patients. As for the legal battle with Manning, Padgett says it was never an issue in their professional relationship.

In Naughright filed a lawsuit in New York State against the fashion deer Donna Karan after allegedly suffering injury during physical therapy with a trainer whom Karan had recommended. That suit was dismissed. The same year Naughright filed suit in Florida against a Lakeland restaurant and catering company, Deli Delicacies, claiming physical injuries as the result of slip outside the store.

Reached at her home in Lakeland, the former owner, Gretchen Anglero said she had been friends with Naughright leading up to the suit and had advised her on the challenges of her fledgling yoga business. That case was settled out of court for undisclosed terms, according to Polk County records. The content and language of the Manning voic was similar to that used by a woman claiming to be Naughright who for years phoned the sports desk at the Knoxville News Sentinel with accusations regarding Peyton Manning and Philip Fulmer and assertions that the newspaper had failed to adequately cover the training-room incident.

John Adams, a columnist for the newspaper, wrote a story outlining the content and frequency of those calls. It was mainly about Manning and our failure to uncover the story, while in fact we covered this thing extensively when it happened. The media organization vetted the source and was satisfied the woman on the other end of the phone was Naughright. Tom Stokes, a radio producer, received a call this month from a woman identifying herself as Naughright who repeats some of the allegations in the Manning voic.

Stokes later released an edited audio of that call. The wife of Steelers quarterback Dwayne Haskins is facing a domestic violence charge after an alleged incident earlier this month. The two clubs had been based primarily in the U. An upcoming Rays-Orioles game will make history as five women will serve as the on-air crew for the contest. Are the Yankees in trouble? Welcome back to baseball. Intermission is over. Antetokounmpo's block was emblematic of a series that has been wild and confounding, oddly compelling and sometimes ghastly.

The U. Home NFL. Peyton Manning litigation now with more details. By Associated Press. By Ben Pickman. Extra Mustard. By Dan Gartland. By Tom Verducci. By Howard Beck. By Mitch Goldich.


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