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P unternet. My original intention was to find out what words punters most often use to describe the women they sleep with and the places they go to do it. Are they sweet and romantic sometimes or boorish, with the air of misogyny you might expect? Not that I saw. As starts go this was pretty good. B ecause my main goal with this project was to create averages of word frequencies, prices, session durations and so on, I knew I needed a lot of data. These are or were, according to last the census, taken in :. No two ways about it, this lady spre happiness, especially in the trouser department.

This is when I started to skim-read dozens of field reports and notice some interesting things. First was the way a lot of the punters write their reviews. The database punternet. A lot of punters seem to relish the opportunity to voice their views and go to great lengths to describe their experiences in detail—often graphic, hilarious detail.

Like this:. Great OWO. Eager to please. Clearly loves sex and it shows, loves her job. Treat her with respect and she will make u happy. Other reviews are written like erotic fiction: the reviewer describes his booking in massive depth, with no details overlooked. I got the impression that some punters gained an additional sexual kick from the chance to relive their experience this way. Either that or they had nothing better to do.

It was while reading the comments that I made my next observation. Case in point:. Asked her to wash below… Happily agreed, no better, agreed to cancel and refund the second hour. But there are very rarely, if ever, comments that could be classed as abusive, woman-hating or anything of the sort.

In fact, a lot of the guys display attitudes that are not only highly complimentary of the girls, but bordering on sycophantic. I asked her to stand over me and strip, and then to frig herself while spitting at me. She was happy to do this. F irst, some figures. These almost always seem to include oral sex without a condom. I think he killed it for me when I started giving him OWO.

This goes unmentioned in his retelling of the events that took place, but understandably features prominently in hers. Many men literally cross paths at parlours and brothels. When I did enter the flat I bumped into another punter who was just coming out of the room not good etiquette.

Yet he diligently continued, apparently only partly perturbed. They take their chances and report back on how things go, good or bad, recommended or not. Great BBBJ , great sex in many positions. As always YMMV however always found her to be great fun and delivers. Terminology was the first thing I wanted to investigate when I had the idea of analyzing escort field reports. Punters and escorts have terms and acronyms for all of the most common, and a lot of the more uncommon, sex acts. PunterNet even provides a dictionary of terms and abbreviations for the more inexperienced johns, which includes gems like:.

I used the full dictionary to draw up a shortlist of the most common sex acts punters buy and their associated terms and abbreviations, then checked which were the most mentioned in the 5, reviews. Here are the top Not so much a hobby for this Don Corleone of punting as a career. He has plenty of criticisms of the girls he hires though and seems to have made at least one working girl, called Blaise, an offer she could refuse:.

The reviewers always make reference to the same things. That is, we the general public. But why should they? They have just decided to bypass the usual steps men must take to go from not knowing a woman to having sex with her. This arrangement is fine with the escorts of course; their reward is financial. She has a bubbly personality, good conversation and if truth be told it took me back to those occasions when I thought how much more fun it might have been to stay at home with the baby sitter and leave the wife to go out on her own!

Would I recommend this lady? Would I see her again? I had to stop her several times otherwise my stay would have been very short. I had planned to save myself for my wife later but the way she looked at me I decided to let go and had the most mind blowing orgasm in years. Charming stuff. According to the web metrics site Alexa.

Sounds about right. Maybe both, maybe neither. The women are well paid and seem happy with their choice of job and the men enjoy their punts and tend to repeat them again and again. Those are the positives. The negatives might be that the men are indulging a basic craving that would be satisfied in a healthier, more productive way by more traditional sexual relationships, and the women are undermining the dignity of their sexual selves by opening the door to any man who has enough cash.

Escorts and punters would presumably agree with the former summary, whereas the general public, who stand at a distance from the business, would be more likely to go with the latter. T he infographic was the thing I was most excited about producing for this project: a visual representation of all of the averages that came from the analyzed field reports, plus a few bonus stats.

The top section shows a collection of word clouds that together make up a scene of an escort sitting on a sofa. The lower part of the infographic shows the UK rankings for the different criteria, which should be self-explanatory.

It took a long time to create but was a lot of fun. I tried 14 options, some of which are below for your admittedly pointless perusal. The most popular adjectives are slim , nice , lovely , pretty and attractive. W ell, no. Total waste of money. He had obviously been the hotel bar for a drink, or 10! You can figure if out for yourself what actually went on.

Click the image below to open it in a new window. Home Articles About Press Contact. Articles About Press Contact. At some point through. People have very different opinions on prostitution. Is it healthy? Should it be totally legalized? But they are questions for a different article.

Naughty call girl

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Dirty Words: A Probing Analysis of 5, Call Girl Reviews