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It was the most exciting thing to happen each year. A trip to Lake Stalwart with the family - it was so great as a kid. There were campfires, smores, stories, swimming in the lake, all the great staples of a good summer vacation. As you got older, it started becoming the only thing you really looked forward to during the summer anymore.

Starting in your early teenage years your parents had really began to argue, bickering about whatever asinine shit that distracted them from their real issues. They grew bitter and resentful of each other, and far less patient and kind to you and your siblings. Keep reading. I apologise for the lack of content lately. Life is kind of a mess right now, but things will work out in the end. Also I am fucking terrible at checking my asks but I see them and appreciate it when anyone sends one in.

I will gladly try to fulfill what requests I can. Thank you to anyone who has sent one and to anyone who enjoys my content. Evidently written erotica will still be permitted even if the NSFW ban comes to fruition; however, in the event that this site inevitably crashes and burns, here is my backup reddit:. Subscribe if you would like to automatically receive new stories in your newsfeed. I will still be posting stories here until further notice.

Your parents are so proud of their little darling extracurricular all-star. They push you constantly to do better, more clubs, get better grades make more friends! But unless you suddenly ascend to literal godhood, your parents seem like they will never be satisfied. You understand that they mean well, but good god do you need a break.

The walk at night from your high school and your home feels like the only true respite you get. Twenty minutes of absolute solitude. You honestly wished the walk was longer. You walk intentionally slower, yet you can only get it to last for about 20 minutes. The air is refreshingly cool, so you only really needed to wear a jacket. A small chorus of crickets chirp feebly, as if unsure of their timing.

The sun has set, and the sky bleeds with the hues of twilight. The sides of the road are littered with ancient trees whose usual inhabitants were finally beginning to return from their winter hiatus. The road is empty as usual, now that most normal people are home in this town. You make a habit to study each little crack and deformity in the sidewalk as you go along, taking extra time to inspect each one.

Intrusive thoughts begin to filter into your mind. I turned 18 years old last month. My parents just stomp all over me, not letting ME decide what to do with MY time, and I just let them. As the cyclone of thoughts whirls through your head, what sounds like a branch snapping to your right. Your senses instantly rush back to you - you walk home by yourself every day, yet you are admittedly so easily spooked by everything at night. You start walking faster, missing out on extra alone-time to your dismay, but too spooked to give much of a shit.

You feel your heart drop to your ass when a large hand lands on your shoulder. A guttural growl sounds from whatever stood behind you. You try to run, but it pounces on you. You landed on your stomach, and all of the air escapes your lungs as you hit the ground. A foot rests on your back, and two large, hairy arms stand like pillars in front of you. While gasping for air, you crane your neck up to see a wolf-like visage staring down at you. Its razor-like teeth gleam in the dim light as it growls at you.

It pulls your boxers down with the tip of a single talon. Something fleshy brushes against your behind. You scream as you feel a thick, rough cock start to slide into your ass. At first it - no, HE starts slowly, wetting just the very end of his dick, pushing lightly, back and forth. You hate yourself for thinking this, but it actually feels kind of… good. You relax a bit. He starts pushing more of its cock into you. He stops holding you down, now moving its gargantuan hands to your hips, pulling your abdomen up as he arcs his hips forward. You feel your face flush and your cock harden as he pushes the rest of himself into you.

Your breathing grows labored as he thrusts, at first softly but with growing intensity. He growls and begins to thrust harder and harder. You whine as your cock twitches and cum spurts onto the dark road underneath you. The beast is still pushing into you, harder and faster with each thrust. You feel his cock swelling and writhing within you. He howls as warm semen floods inside of you. He pulls out and his fluids gush from your gaping bottom and onto the street. You squeak out the words:. You held her hand as her screams ripped through the cavernous palatial room.

She was going into labour, and quickly. A servant rushed over to cloud her mind with opioids to ease the delivery. Within a minute the powerful drugs had rendered her nigh-unconscious as she pushed. It was like any other day for the Harem, another birth, another breeding. Not a sound could she muster under the heavy influence of powerful opioids, and as the new prince one of hundreds of thousands was carried away after having exited her womb, she fell asleep.

Several servants came to collect her and bring her to her chambers to rest before her next breeding session. She would be given the finest of care and medicines to ensure that the transition would be seamless. The Harem took care of its own. The Harem was a prestigious organisation that any parent would murder for their child to be brought into. The God-Emperor would send scouts all across the land to find young people suitable for his pleasure.

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Ovipositor erotica

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