Pantyhose fetish story

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It all started by my taking pictures of aunt Maurine who is three times my age. For my 15th birthday during my Freshman year in high school, she and uncle Paul bought me a beginner camera setup after hearing that I wanted to take a photography course at high school. Afterward, whenever aunt Maurine was over for family parties, she would always pull me aside and ask if I wanted to take pictures of her in the little photo studio I set up. She wanted to see how I was coming along learning how to use the camera. I would take her down to the basement, show her photos from the last session and take more photos.

Of course, she would compliment my progress and ask to keep a few of the photos. Nobody in the family seemed to pay any attention to us doing this. After looking at the first few photo sets of her, I started becoming aroused by looking at her pantyhose legs in the photos. The shine on her pantyhose from the studio light highlighted her sexy pantyhose.

As my fascination with her beautiful legs in pantyhose grew and we had more sessions, I began rushing the film over to the hour drug store the very next day and anxiously waited until the next day for the film to be developed. After returning to pick up the photos, I would rush straight home so I could jerk off to her new photos. It was my little dirty secret that I cherished. Soon after turning 16, I became completely obsessed with looking at her long well-defined legs in shiny pantyhose.

Now with many photos of her, I had my choice of them to pick from while jerking off. I would fantasize about running my hands up-and-down her legs or even just touching her silky pantyhose feet. Yet, when she came to the house, I had to re myself to just looking at her legs. Whenever I could see that no one was paying any attention to me, I would watch her legs and become mesmerized over how attractive her legs were to me.

Inevitably, she caught me looking at her legs more times than once. Each time she responded by giving me a big grin and then turn back to talking with others. One thing for certain was that aunt Maurine knew I had a thing for her legs. Needless to say, I jacked-off multiple times, many a night, after seeing aunt Maurine wearing pantyhose in person.

It was toward the end of the next summer before my Junior year that my Uncle Paul suddenly passed away from a heart-attack. I liked him a lot but always felt guilty over fantasizing about his wife and her being my aunt; step-aunt in reality. By this time, I was dreaming of having sex with her only wearing pantyhose. Even at the funeral, I was preoccupied looking at her sexy black pantyhose even though she was wearing a much longer dress that day. It was during the fall of my junior year that things changed for me.

I had a new girlfriend and was pretty much preoccupied doing things with Kim, working out, and playing linebacker for the football team. My pantyhose fantasies were in the back of my mind since no girls at school wore anything outside of thick tights which do nothing for me. Then winter came along and things began to change once again. The football season was over, winter was setting fully in and Kim and I broke up. But something else changed. Aunt Maurine was stopping by the house more frequently these days. After inquiring in a subtle way, my mom said that since uncle Paul was gone, aunt Maurine had become lonely and she invited her to come over more often.

To my delight, Aunt Maurine was still wearing pantyhose when she came by with her more casual everyday skirts. I recall the skirt she most often wore was denim with a slit up the side which showed her suntan pantyhose thighs and a glimpse of her control top. As I had became a little older and now having some sexual experience with my ex-girlfriend Kim, my courage to test the waters with aunt Maurine grew a bit.

I started by showing off my now suntanned buffed chest and legs by walking around the house or yard from a distance just for her to take notice from afar. I then began to purposely allow aunt Maurine to catch me looking at her legs with an unabashed smile on my face. Soon after these antics started, her grin when seeing me looking at her legs changed into becoming an acknowledging smile. Seeing her expose her panties underneath her pantyhose was driving me absolutely crazy. The back-and-forth flirting was getting intense.

The fact that she was in the house and I could hear her voice while I was wanking over her made the experience even more enjoyable! Realizing that Uncle Paul was gone and nothing stood in the way of aunt Maurine and I having sex, I began thinking of ways I could approach her. But how so when my parents were around whenever she came over? I felt awkward about just showing up at her house since I had never been to her home alone before. Was I taking this flirtation thing the wrong way? Was I just overconfident?

What if she mentioned my possible inappropriate advances to my mom? My Dad would have a fit over me coming on to my aunt! My heart started racing realizing the opportunity. After thinking 30 seconds or so, I called and set up a time for this coming Saturday morning.

Upon arriving and ringing the door bell, I was greeted by aunt Maurine wearing the same denim side-slit skirt and suntan pantyhose she wore to the house many times. She must have somehow known that it was my favorite skirt of hers; at least I hoped.

After entering the house and exchanging a few pleasantries, aunt Maurine explained that she needed my help packing a few things around the house now that uncle Paul was gone. I helped her clean out a hallway closet stuffed with sporting gear and moved some apparently seldom used heavy woodworking machine equipment out of the garage. My confidence and courage deflated by the apparent reality that this was all simply in my mind.

After moving the heavy machines out of the garage which really was physically challenging , Aunt Maurine offered me to take a break by having a Coke out on the patio which I gladly accepted. While I waited for her to return to the patio my mind was racing about what I could possibly do as this visit seemed to be all business. She was acting like, well like, how aunts act with their nephews. It seemed to be taking her some time to go get a can of Coke but I was in no hurry and was enjoying the nice day sitting in the patio chair at a typical suburban patio table.

Eventually, after I had a chance to catch my breath, aunt Maureen returned with two cans of Coke and sat down with me. She had met Kim a couple times while over at the house. This is going nowhere and in a hurry! She then began talking about a new hobby she was taking up and while I was looking at her and listening, something began to distract me.

The Sun had come out from behind the clouds and now was making her suntan pantyhose crossed legs glisten in the sun. My mind is now racing over what to do as the sight of her suntan pantyhose legs glistening in the sun was teasing me to do something. We continued talking about what other family members were up to while I strained to keep my eyes off her legs. Our cans of Coke were almost finished. I thought my departure out the front door was next and in total failure. I would be going home only to wank over her legs once again.

Then out of the blue, she asked if I had enough time to help her clear some things of his out of the bedroom. We got up, went in, and she led me down the hallway toward the bedroom. As I walked behind her, I grew an instant hard on looking at her pantyhose legs and knowing I was heading into the bedroom alone with her. The sudden change in the scenario was like a traffic light had suddenly gone from red to green unexpectedly.

Then she immediately turned, leaned over and reached across the nearby bed for something and by doing so exposed her naked butt under the sheer-to-waist pantyhose. My clumsy motion caused her to collapse down on the bed onto her stomach. Then, with no forethought, I kissed her now fully exposed pantyhose encased ass.

Immediately I stood back up realizing what I unbelievably just did. She quickly rolled back over to sit on the side of the bed. She now was sitting on the side of the bed with her skirt still riding well above the top of her thighs. Her skirt in disarray allowed me to see her beautiful shaved pussy partially exposed beneath the sheer-to-waist suntan pantyhose. Without saying another word, I fell down to my knees and pushed her legs further apart. As my mouth reached her crotch without resistance, I noticed a wet spot already present in the gusset from her being horny as hell.

I plunged my mouth onto her gusset and began kissing it all over then began licking her pussy through her pantyhose. She reacted by laying back on the bed and began to moan with joy and her body started quivering in pleasure. My nose is now squished against her pantyhose gusset rubbing her clit through it. Soon I was tasting her juices as she came, and came, and came again in succession while crying out loud from the joy of herself experiencing multiple orgasms. The smell and taste of her juices, the feel of her pantyhose thighs in my hands together with the sensation of her pantyhose brushing the sides of my face while she squirmed was insanely erotic.

My fully erect dick ready to explode was in pain being trapped inside my pants as I knelt on the floor. But I did not dare stop as I wanted this moment to last as long as possible thinking that it may be all that ever happens. After kicking off her shoes, she pushed herself further back onto the bed with her legs still apart.

Now knees up and her stocking feet flat on the bed as if she was waiting for me to further carry on with her. Seeing this, I peeled off all my clothes it seemed like in a matter of seconds and ed her on the bed. On my knees and reaching down, I removed her skirt and tore her cum filled pantyhose apart at the gusset. The sight of seeing her wet lips for the first time sent me over the edge. After lifting her pantyhose legs over my shoulders with my hands grasping her silky pantyhose legs around the top area of her thighs, I slowly penetrated her deep with my enormous hard on.

My confidence now fully restored, I stroked my cock inside her slowly for some time. She began working up to another climax assisted by herself reaching down under the pantyhose waistband and massaging her clit while I pumped her with my fully erect cock. After switching positions, she rode my cock like a woman three times my age could only know how to do. Seeing her straddled over me in her suntan pantyhose riding my cock was a more intense experience than the wildest fantasies I ever had dreamed of with her.

With her pantyhose legs sliding across the side of my hips as she moved up and down, I grasped to feel her pantyhose ass while helping guide her thrusts up-and-down my cock. My head was filled with endorphins and the room seemed to be spinning with every second becoming more like a minute in time. I soon realized that she needed no help from me in guiding her riding my shaft and instead offered my hands for her to grab onto for better balance.

Her rhythmic, perfectly long and deep strokes up-and-down my cock only intensified the wonderful feeling of her childless still tight pussy. My head swelled like it never had before with anyone. The feeling was unreal! Maurine is an expert on top and I never slipped out of her once. Her mastery of physical control allowed me to fully enjoy every second in reaching a new level of climatic euphoria.

Letting out a screaming long groan, my cock violently ejaculated a strong flow of cum into her for what seemed like a straight minute, Maurine collapsed down on me and began to cum like a river as she cried out loud from the intensity of her orgasms.

I felt her flow of juices running down the base of my cock, down the inside of my thighs and onto the bedspread. While she was busy walking around the bedroom, I was amazed to see how beautiful her legs and ass looked in her pantyhose; even with the runs now streaking down her legs! It was a sight I for so long fantasized about seeing. I felt like a new person. I felt like I just had become a man! It was like she was no longer my Aunt but now a girlfriend.

How she talked to me changed in just an hour or so. Sometimes more than once a week. Last time I went by, she wore these very sheer, shiny, black, sheer-to-waist pantyhose, purple panties with a short white skirt, black blouse, and red heels. As my senior year has started, I know that my times with Maurine will regretfully soon come to an end when I go off to school. Things Change yet Intensify It was during the fall of my junior year that things changed for me. Courage and Fear As I had became a little older and now having some sexual experience with my ex-girlfriend Kim, my courage to test the waters with aunt Maurine grew a bit.

Throwing All Caution to the Wind Can be Rewarding Then out of the blue, she asked if I had enough time to help her clear some things of his out of the bedroom.

Pantyhose fetish story

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