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People are abuzz about the growing popularity of pet play, a decades-old kink that has moved from bedrooms to social spaces and from sexy power play to social mixers and dance parties. To begin with, pet play is a thing between human adults of any gender, and specifically a power dynamic and way for people to lose themselves in a specific hepace. As a pet, you take on aspects of that particular animal, so ponies can clip clop and tow carts, puppies beg and bark and kitties will roll around with yarn. There are moshes, races, snuggle sessions, mixers, dances and more.

Social structures become readily apparent within these spaces but a human pet can always choose to go solo. A pup, human puppy, doggo, whatever they we choose to refer to themselves as, is often, but not always, accompanied by a handler, a human companion that trains and aids the hepace in the pup. A hepace, the term borrowed from BDSM, is the idea of losing yourself completely to the persona of the pup. In a strong hepace, you will bark, play with toys, beg and present yourself for social feedback that you find positive. Pups, then, are social creatures, even if their social circle exists strictly online.

With the advent of online dogspotting groups there has arisen a robust language of reference. Big dogs are boofers, small dogs can be puppers, and almost every puppy is a doggo. Shoobs, shibes, corgos and other subsets abound in the world of pups. As a couple of these terms imply, many pups take on a breed as their own. Asterius is a corgi, but there are many other breeds, real and imagined, that puppies assume as their identity. Puppies are social animals, so in Pet and Handler groups, puppies and handlers chat amongst themselves and coordinate events.

Most important for puppies is the mosh, essentially a padded space where pups can romp, play or even just hang out watching the crowd. Coming from the BDSM scene, pets have a wide variety of gear for play, both social and sexual.

Turning once again to pups, this gear can range from the iconic hoods and mitts, bodysuits and tails. Controversial, gear is often seen as limiting access to pups of limited means, but this should not be the case. For other resources related to pets, googling can offer a great deal of resources for you and your inner animal. Search for: Search. Post . Posted in Uncategorized. Posted by Jessica Wiege October 31, 0 Comments. Posted in Opinion. Posted by Rachel Williamson February 1, 0 Comments. Leave a Comment. Close Font Resize. Clear cookies. Accessibility by WAH. Open toolbar.

Pet kink

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