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To show the bookmarks in your document, follow these steps. Under Show document content select Show bookmarks and click OK. If you add a bookmark to a block of text or an image or any other item , the bookmark appears in brackets:. An error message appears instead of text. Bookmark is missing from an AutoText entry. Unexpected when you edit a bookmark.

Copy bookmarks. Cut and delete bookmarks. Add to bookmarks. Bookmark Not Defined. Reference source not found. To investigate the broken link, try the following:. Make sure that the bookmark still exists People sometimes accidentally delete bookmarks when they delete other text. To check for this, make sure you can see the bookmarks in your document. Make sure that field names are spelled correctly Many items that use bookmarks — for example, cross-references and indexes — are inserted as fields. If the field name isn't spelled correctly, you might get an error message.

To learn more about field codes, read Field codes in Word. Top of . Word inserts cross-references as fields. If a cross-reference doesn't reflect changes you make in the bookmark it refers to, update the field. Right-click the field code, and then click Update Field on the shortcut menu.

When you create an AutoText entry that contains a bookmark, make sure you select all of the text contained in the bookmark, including the opening and closing bookmark brackets. If you store text that contains a bookmark as an AutoText entry, Word stores the bookmark with the entry.

If you insert the AutoText entry more than once in a document, Word removes the bookmark from the entry and attaches it to the most recent entry. To learn more about AutoText, read Automatically insert text. You can cut, copy, and paste items that are marked with a bookmark. You can also add text to, and delete text from, marked items. Below are changes you can make to bookmarks and the you can expect. If you copy all or part of a bookmarked block of text or an image to another location in the same document the bookmark remains with that original item and the copy is not marked.

If you copy an entire marked item to another document both documents contain identical items with identical bookmarks. If you cut an entire marked item and then paste it in the same document the item and the bookmark move to the new location. If you delete part of a marked item the bookmark stays with the remaining text.

If you add text between any two characters enclosed in a bookmark the additional text is included in the bookmark. If you click directly after the opening bracket of a bookmark and then add text or graphics to the item the addition is included in the bookmark. If you click directly after the ending bracket of a bookmark and then add to the item the addition is not included in the bookmark. Premium apps:. Premium apps. A subscription to make the most of your time. Try one month free. Buy now. Best Value. Need more help?

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Ref bookmarks

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