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However, a hidden folder is only one part of a balanced privacy diet. Before we get started, a disclaimer: The surest way to ensure that nude photos of you never end up somewhere you didn't intend is to not take nude photos. Just like the surest way to avoid pregnancy or STIs is to never have sex. But it's important to recognize that abstinence-only education is incomplete. So, while remembering that not taking nude photos is an option and no one should ever pressure you to take compromising photos of yourself , this guide will focus on how to stay safe without resorting to digital abstinence.

As with any intimate act, sharing nude photos or videos of yourself requires trust. No matter what, remember the one rule: You should always be able to say no. Not just to taking or sharing the photos initially, but anything that comes after. Regardless of the circumstances, one key way to minimize harm if that happens is to make sure the pictures you take have as little identifying information in them as possible.

This can include cropping photos to cut out faces or identifiable parts of the background. Blurring or censoring tattoos is a good idea your phone usually has tools you can use to draw over images , but also keep in mind that the location of tattoos itself can be used to identify you. Photos also come with a ton of other embedded information called EXIF data. Stripping that information from your photos before sharing them will help ensure that no one else can figure out when, where, and how a photo was taken.

One of the best ways to avoid that problem is to use encrypted messaging apps like al or Telegram. Only the device sending the data and the device receiving can see the photos. Both apps also allow you to create self-destructing messages that will delete themselves after a certain amount of time. For all our focus on hackers trying to steal compromising photos from a mainframe, ultimately one of the biggest threats to your privacy can come from inside your own home.

A nosy family member, a curious child, or a houseguest with boundary issues could all end up picking up your phone, thumbing through your gallery, and seeing something not meant for their eyes. At the very least, make sure your phone is protected by a PIN.

Most modern phones have either fingerprint or facial ID that can even more securely lock your phone. Also be sure to set up remote tools to locate and lock your phone. Both Apple and Google have built-in features that let you find a lost phone with GPS, lock it remotely, and even erase the phone if you really need to make sure no one can get at the files stored on it. Featured Video. Do you know what the most frustrating part about owning a bar is?

When customers leave, but forget their credit card at the bar! What if we could stop that from ever happening? Mark Kleeb, bar owner and creative technologist based in Brooklyn, has been challenged to solve this dilemma in one week. Make Sure You Trust the Recipient.

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Share your naked pics

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The Safest Way to Store and Share Your Nudes