Young leaked pics

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In the past hour, I've seen lo of people sharing one of two Instagram posts on their stories regarding a leak of over 6, nude images being leaked from a server. Has anyone heard anything more about it? I just think it would be mad for it to have happened and nothing to have cropped up on here or in the media yet.

Yes it happened. There's screenshots of DMs from the server, and of the further attempts to the content elsewhere. Links arent being spread as "proof" for the obvious reasons, plus the fact it contains underage pictures would mean that sharing it is a crime. For all the victim blaming muppets some of the girls in the images are as young as 14 so child abuse images. I say girls as there are only reports of images of girls. The National women's council of Ireland and Women's Aid have offered support for those affected on all of their socials.

As someone who worked on a similar helpline, experience tells me that was in response to calls not a rumour online. Save the pearl clutching and finger wagging for another day. Stop blaming the victims and let's take a nice look at the people on the discord who keep, share and actively seek out images they don't have consent to No it's almost like the fact they want something because it's non consensual.

Very disappointing to see the amount of victim blaming in this sub regarding those leaks. Do we know who was compiling this database? It seems awfully extensive and nearly like a commerical operation if there was over photos? There was a post about it earlier. Some people are slinging stuff around about how it's homemade porn being shared outside of their subscriber base, in which case it would be copyright theft.

Some are arguing that it should be classified as revenge porn, but that doesn't really seem to fit the bill since the material was created for the purpose of being sold to people. EDIT: So it appears there's also genuine revenge porn contained as well. I pretty sure it's being classified as child porn not revenge porn. We don't have laws for image based sexual abuse yet.

This will become a perfect example of the "Streisand Effect". How did she find out? Was it through an organisation or by herself? As far as I know, there was a discord channel started by"Micheal Collins", lots of l were there compiling them and attempting to identify who the pictures were of, links to the discord were circulated on a reddit sub aswell as elsewhere. Files were held on Mega , many of which have been taken down by Mega. The discord has been shut by discord, though I doubt this will be the end of it as It didnt seem like this was the first time they were shut down.

Some of those invloved will have downloaded all of it, they will likely it again and start a new discord. That's the second time today that there's been word of this 'leak' but it's no-where on the news or any website at all? It was on radio 1 news this morning and in a lot of newspaper sites yesterday. Server with over 6, Nude Images Leaked.

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Young leaked pics

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